Successful therapy completes something of the past, psychologically and physically. It restores a person’s capacity to be more in the present and available to move forward in life. Having processed and integrated a painful history effectively, a person develops strength that he would not otherwise possess. Now a true ‘yes’ to life is possible. Svagito


This book aims to give a profound understanding of what personal and collective trauma is and what serves healing. A somatic view is combined with a systemic approach and many case studies, guided meditations and exercises make the theoretical explanations tangible.

The process of trauma healing is examined not only in a psychological, but also a spiritual context, recognizing that trauma does not only need to be a destructive, but can also become an awakening force.

The author throughout the book includes his personal healing journey after losing his wife in a tragic accident. In this way the book does not only speak to the reader’s intellect, but also reaches him on a feeling level, because only there can real healing take place.

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This book presents a way of counseling that is rooted in meditation. It examines the core aspects of a spiritual approach to therapy, beyond method and technique, focusing on the essentials of how personal growth and transformation occur.

The principles described in this book can be applied to any form of therapy or counseling.

Important insights are offered to those who are interested in combining therapy and meditation, and who wish to gain personal clarity and a new vision of how to work with people. This includes a general understanding of how the human mind functions, as well as the dynamics of man-woman relationships and the polarity within each individual of ‘inner male’ and ‘inner female.’

Practical examples are given from the author’s own experience spanning more than 25 years as a therapist, including a wide range of clients and many different countries. Three major techniques of therapy are compared and evaluated: body-oriented, systemic and energy work.

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The book gives a summary of all the basic concepts of the work of Family Constellation as originally developed by Bert Hellinger, including the latest findings, in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

 It is rich in practical examples from daily life and from case studies of individuals.

The author has been a course and training leader in the field of therapy and meditation since 1981 and has personally studied with Bert Hellinger. He teaches and conducts trainings in more than 15 countries around the world and has an in-depth background working with different cultures and family histories.

Hellinger’s original insights are illuminated by the author’s own experience and are placed in the broader context of meditation and spiritual growth. This is more than a book about therapy; it is a stepping stone to finding one’s own authenticity and individual nature.

The book is designed both for newcomers wishing to understand the basic concepts of Family Constellation and as a practical guide for those seeking to actively work with this approach.

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This book is about therapy that is connected to meditation, inspired by the enlightened mystic Osho and his vision of life. For this reason, it is referred to as ‘Osho Therapy’.

In this context, therapy is not just a method to solve personal problems, but also prepares and leads a person towards meditation.

International therapists and teachers share their insights and experience, showing how their work has been influenced and guided by the vision of the enlightened mystic Osho. This book is a journey through a kaleidoscope of different therapeutic methods aligned around the essential importance of meditation and love for healing and spiritual development.

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My approach is: experience what energy is. Then two things will happen again. One: you will see that you are it. That brings a deep unity, integration; the split disappears. For the first time you are really normal. And the second thing: you can be orgasmic; now there is nobody to control. You are energy, so you can go with the energy wherever it goes in deep trust. Then the whole of life becomes orgasmic. Osho

Meeting with Svagito – Awareness and Love

 About my Work

Podcast with Svagito


In this talk with Candra Karlholm, Svagito speaks of life, love and death, how his work and focus has changed since the passing of his beloved wife Meera, and the importance of finding a true yes to life.

Svagito Liebermeister is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, psychotherapist and long time disciple of Osho, with more than 35 years of experience of working with people interested in self-realisation and personal growth.

He offers trainings and workshops in many countries in the world and, starting Jan. 2020, an online training in the art of working with people.
Please visit for information (online training page: https://online-teachings-with-svagito…)

Candra Karlholm, co-founder of Spread the Word, has trained extensively with Svagito since 2015 and leads constellation workshops and gives individual sessions in Scandinavia, and over Skype.


1.25: Svagito’s practical approach to spirituality
2:40: active meditations (Osho style)
5:38: trauma healing / somatic experiencing and the mind-body connection
7:12: the path of love and the path of awareness
10:10: about learning with Bert Hellinger
13:00: on life, love and death
21:18: how our family background matters
24:00: Svagito’s way of working with family constellations and therapy as a way to deepen meditation.
26:35: love is the only thing we have in our hands
28:25: family constellation work as a way to grow in conscious love
30:57: discovering one’s creativity and what creativity is
35:07: how Svagito’s work has changed since the passing of Meera
37:49: Meera’s gift and embodied example of living joyfully
40:06: Svagito’s approach to working with people
44:54: meditation you can do alone, for everything else you need others
48:13: a last question that Candra’s always been curious about!