Creativity and Art Therapy

… come in contact with your original joy and innocence.

Meera‘s Art Therapy and Painting Training

led by Svagito and the Meera Art Academy Team

Many people have a strong longing to be more creative in their lives, but often cannot find an authentic way to give space to this longing. Even though as children we come to this world with the ability to pulsate with creative energy and joy, in the course of our upbringing we often lose touch with this inner life source.
Over many years Meera developed this training process that helps us to become more conscious of the inner barriers that we have built in the course of our life against being fully alive and creative. The process of this training makes it easy to let go of such hindrances and come more in contact with our original joy and innocence. We will re-discover the same playfulness in painting that we once knew when we were young, which helps us to get in contact with our spontaneity and authentic expression – without goals or expectations.

The training is for artists and non-artists and anyone who wants to look inside to find their original and unique expression.

The training has three parts that can be booked individually, but build on one another.

Primal Painting

Here we examine our subconscious blocks around creativity and with the help of others learn to move beyond our old habits and limitations. We search for our childlike joy and without getting caught up with ideas discover our unique way to express ourselves. Meera called this process ’the backbone of her teaching’.

Portrait and Self Portrait

In a very unique way of doing self-portraits we move beyond the superficial mask and discover layer upon layer of our own inner beauty until we come to the point where there is no face.
We also do portraits of others and examine our relationship to close family members. In the mirror of the other we meet ourselves on a deep level.

Nature Painting

Painting in nature is an adventure. It is a meeting of opposites, light and dark, form and no form, life and death. It is a meeting of opposite qualities existing together as complementary. When painting outside in the magnificent nature around Miasto we do not try to copy the nature, but rather become one with it.
We do not paint from the head, but join the dance of nature. In this way we experience that we are part of it. Now true creativity becomes possible.

Beside painting our daily sessions include Osho active meditations, dance, group sharing and partner exercises. This training is open to all and no previous experience of painting is needed. Participating in Nature Painting requires previous experience of Primal Painting or interview with the course leaders. All materials are provided.

Meera had been instructed by Osho personally to start art groups. The course leaders of this training have been with Meera and trained by her over many, many years. In this way they try to pass on to others the Osho vision of creativity.


Primal Painting
The Birth of Creativity

Everybody longs for original and authentic expression and yet so few people allow this magical experience to be part of their life. There are many mistaken beliefs about creativity. When we try to create something beautiful according to the idea of others we move away from our authenticity. In this group we will unlearn wrong beliefs about creativity and re-discover our original playfulness and spontaneity through painting. Meditation, painting, dance and play are part of our journey to find ourselves and our authentic self-expression. Once we get in touch with our own energy source, painting becomes a reflection of joy and innocence.

Male-Female Painting
The Creativity of Inner Man and Inner Woman

Through painting we will explore our authentic creative expression and discover the differences and uniqueness of our inner man and woman.

Playing with colours and using exercises from Meera’s Primal Painting process we find our original joy of self-expression that we often lost contact with because of a wrong upbringing. We will also explore the nature of our inner man and woman, their preferences and different ways of finding fulfilment and satisfaction. Painting becomes a mirror to discover their unique character and a way to re-awaken their joy, innocence and aliveness.

True creativity happens when our inner male and female energies meet and neither side is trying to dominate the other, but both are allowed their unique contribution to our life. Then profound changes happen in our relationships, work and creativity.

Creativity and Innocence
A workshop for Adults, Children & Teenagers

This group is designed to bring joy, love and awareness into family life. When parents and children share the space of creativity together, they can learn from each other. By painting with their children parents will remember the forgotten language of spontaneous expression, creativity that comes out of joy and innocence. This can create a bridge between the hearts of all family members.
In these 5 days we dance, paint, play and meditate. Sometimes parents and children will be together and sometimes we create a space for them separately, where all can follow their needs for expression and sharing.
This unique group experience has originally been created by Meera. It will allow a new understanding between parents and their children to grow. As Meera said: I want to teach the whole family what it means to be fully alive.

Children or teenagers can join the group with parents, relatives or teachers.





Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence. – Osho