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Meet the founder of “The Zen Way of Counseling”, internationally renowned psychotherapist and spiritual teacher Svagito Liebermeister directly, LIVE, from wherever you are!

Podcast – Talk with Candra Karlholm


In this talk with Candra Karlholm, Svagito speaks of life, love and death, how his work and focus has changed since the passing of his beloved wife Meera, and the importance of finding a true yes to life.

Svagito Liebermeister is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, psychotherapist and long time disciple of Osho, with more than 35 years of experience of working with people interested in self-realisation and personal growth.

He offers trainings and workshops in many countries in the world and, starting Jan. 2020, an online training in the art of working with people.
Please visit for information (online training page: https://online-teachings-with-svagito…)

Candra Karlholm, co-founder of Spread the Word, has trained extensively with Svagito since 2015 and leads constellation workshops and gives individual sessions in Scandinavia, and over Skype.


1.25: Svagito’s practical approach to spirituality
2:40: active meditations (Osho style)
5:38: trauma healing / somatic experiencing and the mind-body connection
7:12: the path of love and the path of awareness
10:10: about learning with Bert Hellinger
13:00: on life, love and death
21:18: how our family background matters
24:00: Svagito’s way of working with family constellations and therapy as a way to deepen meditation.
26:35: love is the only thing we have in our hands
28:25: family constellation work as a way to grow in conscious love
30:57: discovering one’s creativity and what creativity is
35:07: how Svagito’s work has changed since the passing of Meera
37:49: Meera’s gift and embodied example of living joyfully
40:06: Svagito’s approach to working with people
44:54: meditation you can do alone, for everything else you need others
48:13: a last question that Candra’s always been curious about!